Sculpture #1 of ???

In April, I went to Tucson, AZ, to take a figure sculpting workshop with Mary Susan Cate.   It was a fabulous 4 days in her studio along with 5 other students.  I learned a unique way to build armatures using straws, pool noodles and newspaper.  Mary described her processes for drying, glazing and firing our figures.

Naturally, 4 days weren’t nearly enough to build my figure, glaze and fire it.  Again, Mary to the rescue!!  She explained how to wrap and pack the figure so it could travel.  And, I checked it through as baggage on the plane.

Now … several months later, the figure was finally refined, glazed and fired.  I’m totally amazed that she looks this good and didn’t break in the firing.  There is still a lot of touch up work and extra firings in store for her.  But, so far …. so good!

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