So … what’s new??

It’s been a while since I posted an update and stuff has happened during the past 4-5 months.  Let’s see …

During the summer, I started using up some colored clay, making another sculpture and a huge bowl for dog water.

The colored clay pieces turned out quite nice (in my opinion). I watched a couple of videos and learned how to make a “skinner blend” that was used on the two pots on the left.  The pot on the right was made with coils and, as I blended the various levels of clay, an interesting pattern developed.

In that same kiln load, I fired a bust sculpture that was similar to one that I made during the last weeks of class in the Spring. It was interesting working with two different types of clay and varying other elements of the sculptures. I’m planning to experiment more with this using still different clays.

I made a huge water bowl for dogs and left it out front thinking that passing dogs might want a drink. But, they didn’t. so, I eventually took it into the back yard where Tucker and the squirrels like to use it. It actually takes about a gallon and a half of water to fill it up!

When I finished these pieces, I started working on others but quit because the outside temperatures were so hot. I didn’t want to run the AC in the studio at full blast and I definitely didn’t want to fire the kiln.

Instead, I participated in a painting/photo exhibit that Artists ‘Round Texas sponsored. Painters and photographers were given a list of several sites in and around Rowlett which could be use as subjects. I chose to go to a municipal park and found several likely subjects; then, I edited the photos, framed them and … actually won a second place prize for my photo of the squirrel.

Experiments with Glaze

New Year … New Semester!!  After taking off a couple of semesters to tend to matters at home, I finally went back to classes at Brookhaven College (part of the Dallas College system).   I chose a new class time (AM) because it worked better with my bio-rhythms.

Anyway, the focus this semester is glazing.  We were to choose one glaze, use it in combo with other glazes and try various other  techniques.  My glaze is New Yellow Salt … a wonderful matte glaze that varies from a golden brown where thin and goes to light yellow where thicker.  According to the test tiles on the wall in the glazing room, it doesn’t always play nice with other glazes.  It goes dark, yucky, nasty.  So the trick was to find a few glazes that it does play nice with and …

Here are the results.  Click on individual pictures for more information about clays and glazes used.


More Succulents

A few weeks ago, I bought one of those “garden in a pot” things.  The plants looked great but they were so crowded in the pot.  Finally got around to replanting them and giving them a little more space to grow.

P.S. Hope I don’t kill them with kindness (i.e., too much water).

2021 State Fair of Texas

This year, the Fair was held “in person.”  (Remember, last year it was drive-thru only.).  And, after looking over the pieces that I created in the past year, I selected six that fit their categories and entered them.  Five of them were selected for the Fair; I brought one home.  Then, after the jury process, my pieces each garnered a blue ribbon.  And one … miraculously … won Best of Show for Adult Ceramics.  Here they are!

Summer Update

This summer, I was able to enter my work in several local shows.

Grand Prairie Arts Council … accepted three of my pieces. One of them (Artifact Pitcher) won Third Place in Sculpture.

Le Salon at The Gallery 8680 (Frisco) … Chemo Brain was accepted into this show.


9th Street Gallery (Wichita Falls) … 1968 Revisited was accepted into this show.

Exciting News!! Another Juried Show!

I’m so thrilled and honored to be included in the SP/N Gallery’s First Annual DFW Community College Juried Exhibition! The pieces chosen are “Not Just A Pretty Face” and “Artifact Pitcher.

SP/N Gallery is at UT-Dallas, 3020 Stewart Dr. Richardson, Tx 75080. The exhibition opens on June 19th and runs through July 17th.

UPDATE: “Artifact Pitcher” won Third Place overall!! Wooooooooo-Hoooooooo!

Wall Boxes – Part 2

And they are finished!! Here are the updated photos.

Work in Progress … Wall Boxes

As I’ve browsed through various artists’ online galleries, I’ve been fascinated with their wall boxes.  These are forms that have a hollow area where some “treasure” is stashed.  (Look at Novie Trump and Alisdair Neil for an idea of what I mean.)

So, when challenged to develop/improve on a technique, I chose to do wall boxes. Mine are not nearly as detailed as the examples I chose. Anyway, here is work-in-progress. Some of these need to be reglazed and fired again. Some need other embellishments. But, it’s a start.

Three Pieces in UT Tyler Exhibition

Earlier this month, I submitted three pieces for the 2021 Virtual Juried College Exhibition at UT Tyler.  They accepted submissions from college students throughout Texas … and they accepted all three of my submissions.  The online show is available through February 28th.  My pieces that were submitted are …

2021 TAC Small Works Show

“Bigger is Better” isn’t always true, especially when it comes to being included in the Texas Artists Coalition Members Small Works Exhibit. Space in the Gallery at Fort Worth Community Arts Center is limited and, by doing a Small Works Exhibit, more artists and works are able to be shown.

I’m thrilled that my piece … “Now You See Me … ” was chosen for this show. From a distance, it looks like a red/white design, created by an underglaze transfer. Up close AND at the right angle, viewers can see a silhouette of a cat.  It was hard to photograph this piece so that the cat was partially visible.

The Exhibit runs from March 5th through April 10th at 1300 Gendy Street in Fort Worth, Texas.