Oh … Hail!!

The weather-guys/gals predicted a good chance of strong storms on Wednesday night.  Yeah … yeah …. yeah …  they’ve said this before and we didn’t get even a drop of rain.  Well, last night, their prediction was right on … at least in our neighborhood.

The wind had been blowing pretty hard all day but it’s March, the windy month.  But, about 9:30 pm the sky darkened and the wind became even more fierce.  Then, we heard it … the unmistakeable sound of hail hitting the roof, the windows, the yard.

The worst of the storm lasted a ferocious 15-20 minutes.  Hail came down and covered the yard so deeply that it looked like snow.

This morning, it was time to look at the storm damage.  Fortunately, it was minor.  Skylights were intact.  Lots of leaves down.  One gutter screen torn loose. And an iris bud knocked off.

Another One Bites The Dust

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.26.42 AMWell, darn!  I’m discovering the cacti and succulents aren’t all that easy to grow.

They’re not at all like other house plants that thrive on a little bit of coddling and a little bit of neglect.   Indoor plants (pathos, prayer plants) and outdoor plants (ajuga, monkey grass) have always rewarded me by growing and spreading.  Eventually I’d invite friends to come and take some away.

But cacti and succulents …. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!  If I water them when they don’t want to be watered even if the soil feels bone dry, they die.  If I neglect them, they shrivel up and die.

Au revoir, Agave.  I loved you well but not wisely.

Beware – Pot Heads

A few years ago, I made several planters with definite personalities.  They stayed in the closet until my friend, Jessica, needed something special for a client.  This particular client has a running joke with his mother:  their gifts to each other somehow involve the brain.  So, Jessica wanted to use brain cactus and fortunately, her cacti matched up perfectly with my pot heads!