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A Brief History of My Pottery Journey

Note: Check out some of my 2019 work.

My pottery “experience” began in 2010 and my first efforts were pretty miserable.  I thought my mugs were HUGE but they were actually tiny. By 2011, some things were fairly presentable and some were a little more whimsical.  Ah well … things had to get better.

My pieces did get better … but it was two steps forward and one step back.  In 2014, some pieces were actually nice enough to garner blue ribbons at the State Fair of Texas but others retained the whimsical factor.

2105 seemed to mark a turning point.  I was accepted into the Craft Guild of Dallas Spring Show as an emerging artist and into their fall show as a full-fledged artist!  I learned about using a backdrop and positioning lights to take official photos of my pieces. Experiments included:  adding glass to pieces, using decals, trying different firing techniques. Again, several pieces won blue ribbons at the State Fair of Texas.

Now my goal is to continue to experiment with different materials, processes and glazes. More importantly, I’m developing my own “pottery voice” (including the whimsy) and working to improve my techniques.