Labor Day Picnic at the Lake

We (significant other and I) usually spend a holiday at home, watching TV and not doing much in particular. This Labor Day (September 3), my grandkids sent me text messages inviting us to join them at Lake Lavon. Hmmmm …. why not?

So, we packed up some water and some chips and Cuties and headed off to the lake. We arrived about noon and, while, there were lots of people, there was still room to park. So, we parked and headed off to find the family. They were still in the process of setting up a tent, a table with food, and chairs. We claimed two of the chairs (old people privilege) and watched the action. Great grandkids were having a ball in the water. And others were getting the jet skis out into the water.

After a lunch of a sandwich, drinks, chips, fruit, we relaxed a bit and then headed back home. It was a great day and we loved it!

Read the Label

For quite a while, I’ve had a problem with certain foods … garlic, onions, black pepper, milk and milk products, gluten.  The worst offender is milk and milk products because my body lacks the enzyme to digest them.  I can sometimes “cheat the system” by taking lactaid pills but I haven’t always been faithful about taking them.

The other day at lunch, I ordered nachos: yummy, gooey, cheese-covered nachos with guacamole and sour cream.  And I love them until my body rebelled in a terrible way the next morning.  I don’t want to gross you out.  It’s enough to say that I couldn’t get very far away from a bathroom.  I took lactaid pills (belatedly), kaopectate, tea with turmeric.  Nothing helped.

Later that afternoon, I was feeling semi-human and my Significant Other offered to get me something at the store.  I asked for crackers.  He came back with this package.

Just looking at the front of the package, everything was fine.  Potato crackers, no gluten. The ingredients label on the back was in teeny tiny print; couldn’t read it.   So, I had a few.

This morning, my gut was in trouble again and I didn’t understand why until I got my reading glasses and checked out the label on the crackers.

Oh my gosh!!  They have Parmesan Cheese Powder and Garlic Powder.  No wonder I was still in trouble.

So … from now on, I’m going to read the label before it goes in my mouth.

Footnote:  feeling much better and ready for dinner!