Experiments with Glaze

New Year … New Semester!!  After taking off a couple of semesters to tend to matters at home, I finally went back to classes at Brookhaven College (part of the Dallas College system).   I chose a new class time (AM) because it worked better with my bio-rhythms.

Anyway, the focus this semester is glazing.  We were to choose one glaze, use it in combo with other glazes and try various other  techniques.  My glaze is New Yellow Salt … a wonderful matte glaze that varies from a golden brown where thin and goes to light yellow where thicker.  According to the test tiles on the wall in the glazing room, it doesn’t always play nice with other glazes.  It goes dark, yucky, nasty.  So the trick was to find a few glazes that it does play nice with and …

Here are the results.  Click on individual pictures for more information about clays and glazes used.


More Succulents

A few weeks ago, I bought one of those “garden in a pot” things.  The plants looked great but they were so crowded in the pot.  Finally got around to replanting them and giving them a little more space to grow.

P.S. Hope I don’t kill them with kindness (i.e., too much water).