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Hi …

Thanks for stopping by my website/blog.  It’s taken me a while to get this thing started and fill in the blanks, but things are finally beginning to come together.

As you can tell, I’m not a spring chicken.  I may have slowed down a bit but still keep active.

Things I love …

  • my family (they’re growing up too fast)
  • my friends (keeping in touch)
  • gardening (when the plants thrive and the weeds die)
  • pottery (kinda like gardening  … I get to play in the mud)
  • reading (especially books by Michael Connelly or John Grisham or Sue Grafton)
  • learning new things
  • traveling and exploring and taking pictures of where I am
  • lots more stuff … too much to list

Things I’m not crazy about …

  • cleaning the house (but it’s still presentable most of the time)
  • doing laundry (yes, I am wearing clean clothes)
  • filing (it may be messy but you can see the top of my desk)

I’m interested in your feedback/comments on my posts.  Feel free to add your two cents  to any page or post (keep it clean though).



One comment on “About Me

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